Warning Signs


We recommend that families know the following major warning signals and seek medical opinion if these symptoms persist: 

  • Changes in personality or mood

  • Withdrawal from others, abnormal self-centeredness

  • Confused or delusional thinking

  • Strange or grandiose ideas

  • Persistent depression, apathy or extreme mood swings

  • Excessive anxiety, worries, or fears

  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns

  • Difficulty in coping with daily activities

  • Inappropriate emotions

  • Denial of obvious problems

  • Increased use of alcohol; use of drugs

  • Violent or suicidal thoughts or actions

  • Anger or hostility out of proportion to the situation

  • Hallucinations


For Life Threatening Emergencies:  Dial 911

Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-TALK


Referral Assistance:

NAMI Prince George's County can provide information for consumers and families seeking assistance and resources. 

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